Government funding runs out on November 21. We'll demand our members of Congress cut funding for ICE & CBP in any Continuing Resolution.

Commit to taking action to Defund Hate.

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Indivisible is an official member of the Defund Hate Coalition. Learn more about the Defund Hate Coalition here. is a joint website of Indivisible Project and Indivisible Action. Indivisible Project and Indivisible Action are separate organizations.

Indivisible Project is a registered 501(c)(4). Its mission is to cultivate and lift up a grassroots movement of local groups to defeat the Trump agenda, elect progressive leaders, and realize bold progressive policies.

Indivisible Action is a Hybrid Political Action Committee fueled by the grassroots movement to win elections and build local, independent progressive power nationwide.


In September, Congress voted to pass a short-term funding bill that ensured the government would stay open through November 21. With that deadline fast approaching, it's time to take action again to tell your member of Congress to hold strong against Trump's racist immigration agenda by working to Defund Hate!

Join us for a nationwide call-in day on Wednesday, November 13.